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If your church has not experienced growth for quite some time there are a variety of potential issues. therefore, we can’t  deal with it all in one simple post. but we can make a start.

Even a church that has not grown for some time has several attractive characteristics.  Discard the notion that you have to fix things about your building, your music are your programs before you can  grow. Never forget that Jesus said it is by your love for one another that outsiders will know that you are his disciples.

If your church has a cold atmosphere. Fix that first. develop your personal sincerity and compassion. Cut the negativity. Brag on the positive testimonies.Be a living demonstration a Christian who cares.

The best course to help you with this is Bubble UP Church. Make it a personal study first. Then engage a few others who are key influencers to walk through it with you.

The sad part is the course isn’t finished yet. The happy part is that the book is. Buy the book now and then report to me that you have it and I will discount the price of the book from the course when it is released!